Model repository and curation

To advance the routine engagement in, and improvement of, computer simulation models of human and/or system behavior to inform policy and planning, an Open Source repository of models and modules (building blocks of models) that can be used to compose models that are fit for purpose is essential. CSART will provide and curate such an open source repository, with its establishment in the first instance to consist of existing models and modules developed by CSART Board Directors, Partner Institutions, and their advanced innovation networks. Over time, the Repository will be expanded to include supporting resources such as big-data study designs, analytic code, templates to support participatory model building approaches, and metadata characterizing the evolution of model conceptualizations arising from applications in diverse contexts (e.g. changes to names, history of variable inclusion and linkage, the sources behind certain assumptions, translation into multiple languages etc.). The repository will be available for use not only by the Partner Institutions and others in locally commissioned, customized applications of computer simulation, but will be also accessed by researchers all over the world. These researchers are able to use the modules or models to advance population health and social sciences.

The Repository aims to coordinate global efforts in advancing the evolution of computer simulation tools, create efficiencies in model development through providing tools in an open repository, and catalyze the real-world applications of computer simulation in the health and social sectors by providing useful, customized tools in time frames needed to inform policy and planning.